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Fishing at Lost Creek Lake

A unique aspect of Lost Creek Lake is that the lake is open all year to sport anglers.  The lake supports a prolific trout population and is stocked regularly by Oregon Fish and Wildlife.  In September of ever year ODFW plants 1,500 “trophy trout” (eighteen inches or better).  In recent years the small mouth bass fishery has taken off and several national bass fishing associations now sponsor annual tournaments at Lost Creek Lake.

You can call the marina anytime at 541-560-3646 for a more specific up-to-the-minute update on where to go and what to use.

Lost Creek Marina can provide you with a one day use Boater Education Card.  All boaters will need to carry a Boater Education Card when operating your powerboat if it’s greater than 10 hp.  Education cards are proof that you’ve taken a boating safety course...It’s NOT a license.  Click  Boater Education  for more info on a lifetime Boater Education Card from the State of Oregon.

We now have the ODFW POS system to buy fishing and hunting licenses here at the marina.

Year 'Round fishing good as usual across lake in coves, down by dam and up river. Check out the buoys near more shallow waters too. Lost Creek Lake is stocked every Fall with Trophy Rainbow Trout and average size trout and bass often throughout the Spring and Summer.